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Princess & Company Enrichment Programs are offered to girls entering grades K-12th. Incoming kindergartners must be at least 5 years old to participate in P & C.


The Lady Bug club is geared towards girls from  3 years -Kindergarten. This is the time where the foundational skills for appropriate social behavior are learned. LBC is designed around social skills that are particularly important for successful growth and development.

Monthly sessions give your daughter an opportunity to interact with other children in a social group. Members enjoy monthly educational and entertaining activities. These activities build a strong foundation of self-esteem, character, and friendships amongst the participants.

Sessions focus:

  • Understanding the difference between right and wrong, and understanding there are consequences for their actions.

  • Learning to express their needs and feelings appropriately 

  • Playing alone or with other children 

  • Making decisions independently 

Registration Details

Princess & Company's Annual fee is $200.00 per Princess. There is a non-refundable $50.00 registration fee due upon sign up. The remaining $150 is due before their first session. ALL FEES ARE NON-REFUNDABLE. Space is limited. Applications will be approved on a first come first served basis. Parents are required to attend a mandatory parent orientation. Sign up is open year round. 



We want our alumni to stay in touch with each other and keep the Princess spirit alive through the generations. The Princess Court was created to stay connected with our Princesses who have aged out of our program. 

Royal and Radiant Life Skill Program- We match young women 18-24  with mentors who provide support in deepening their self-worth, achieving their goals, and dealing with young adult challenges while stepping into their destiny for their lives. Self-identification, Self-worth, communication, embarking on college, or preparing for the workforce can be a daunting process and may be intimidating.

Seasoned mentors understand this and provide practical advice and knowledge that will help prepare any girl for their new stage in life. 

We offer enrichment activities, role-playing, educational planning and development, and learning about community resources. 

During this interactive session the young ladies:

  • Gain a better understanding of the importance of creating a vision of your life.

  • Developing a unique life vision map.

  • Discover techniques on how to achieve your goals.

  • Obtain guidance and coaching as well as shared wisdom of the group.

  • Learn about journaling and other self-help tools.

  • Enjoy girl time and bonding.



Teenagers have the potential to be powerful activists with valuable first-hand perspectives, fresh ideas, and an understanding of the mentality of their peers. Unfortunately, many youths are disenfranchised, feeling they cannot possibly make a difference or their lives are too dominated by their intense personal struggles to participate in any kind of activist effort 

The Round Table provides guidance, leadership, and mentorship to a group of teenagers by creating a youth advisory board. The participants will design and pursues campaigns addressing the issues that affect P & C members. This process will allow students to learn, first and foremost, how to work as a group. They will gain practical experience in project planning and will pursue a goal that matters to them. Depending on the nature of the campaign, the students may also have opportunities to develop other skills, such as public speaking.

Training sessions provide support on all manner of topics, including careers, leadership, business lessons, school, home-life balance, friendship, relationship, and health topics reassuring girls that they are not alone or the first to encounter problems while growing up.

The Benefits

• Gives your child an edge by developing self-esteem, confidence, and leadership skills.

• Helps your child to feel good about themselves and know they can do anything they put their mind to.

• Character – value judgment, thinking on their own as well as collaboratively 

• Helps her develop a consistent method of dealing with difficult situations.

• Encourages a sense of pride in self, school, and community.

• Encourages your daughter to be a harmonious and contributing member of a team.

• Opens the door for your child to be distinguished by her confidence in handling a number of social situations with ease.

This program is limited to 5 girls per year. Students must commit to the entire year and must apply for participation as they would if they were applying for employment. Details will be provided upon inquiry.


Pink Glove of Love Community Service


The Pink Glove of Love Community Service Program is designed to help young women reimagine what it means to be GREAT.  Community service projects help girls to become aware and be empathetic to the needs of others while empowering them to make a difference. 


We believe serving others helps them develop compassion and build character as well as share memories as they learn the meaning of true charity and philanthropic efforts. 

*Senior high students can earn credit for volunteer hours.

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